Welcome to University Studies

University Studies coordinates university-wide general education programs aimed at implementing the St. Edward’s commitment to academic excellence, cultural diversity, global preparedness, social justice, and civic responsibility.   

Our interdisciplinary programs include Freshman StudiesCultural FoundationsThe Capstone Course and the Honors Program.  As part of St. Edward’s General Education requirement, these courses encourage students to grapple with the ethics of complex social issues from American and global perspectives through history, art, literature, and writing.  

University Studies also publishes two student journals and coordinates the common theme, the global understanding common theme, and experiential workshops addressing pressing international social problems such as human trafficking or access to clean water.  Home to an interdisciplinary faculty, University Studies is developing innovative ways to incorporate moral reasoning, civic engagement, social justice initiatives, and global understanding across the curriculum.

For more information about how the general education curriculum at St. Edward's helps students develop forms of knowledge and skills stressed in our University Mission Statement, see our new Common Threads in General Education website. This site was created by the General Education Course Coordinators Committee (CDC) as part of the 3-year Vertical Integration Project, and maps how and where Essential Learning Outcomes are developed in a student's progress through the General Education curriculum