Student Conduct


St. Edwards University has a clear responsibility in the area of student conduct to protect and promote in the pursuit of its Mission. Any student, faculty or staff member may file a Student Concern/Conduct Reporting Form charging a student with an offense of the Student Code of Conduct by making a report to the Dean of Students.

In all instances of general discipline, the students are provided fair process, as well as the right to freedom from discrimination and harassment (see Student Handbook). The Dean of Students Office and Student Conduct Officers have the responsibility and authority to determine the appropriateness of a student conduct referral, accept a student's admission to a charge and impose a sanction, hear cases involving alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct and serve as advisors to both the complainant and accused student regarding procedures relating to the Code.

Additional information regarding student conduct procedures may be obtained by calling the Dean of Students Office at 512-448-8408. 

Program Goals

  1. To develop, maintain, distribute, interpret and enforce university student policies and procedures.
  2. To preserve the rights of students through the administration of the student conduct program.
  3. To respond to student behavioral problems in an equitable and reasonable manner.
  4. To facilitate and empower students to respect and be involved in campus governance.
  5. To provide learning opportunities for those student that participate in the student conduct boards and for students who are found in violation of the student code of conduct as defined by the five values in the code, including respect, responsibility, community, social justice and integrity.
  6. To initiate and encourage educational experiences that serve to reduce violations of campus policies.

Forms and Resources

Please see additional information listed below and in the Student Conduct menu.