Student of Concern Program

Student Concerns Committee

The purpose of the Student Concerns Committee (SCC) is to provide an administrative venue that is proactive in assessment, consultation and support regarding students who have elicited a concern or risk to themselves or a risk to others on this campus. The SCC will advise involved parties on crisis management efforts through consultation referrals and coordination. It is the goal of the SCC to reduce crisis situations that negatively affect students and the general SEU community.

The scope of the team is community wide with a focus on information gathering for at-risk individuals or situations. When necessary, deans, faculty, staff and other professionals will be invited to participate and provide information that will benefit the consultation and assessment process. The team will advise and recommend intervention plans to appropriate community members who are working with the involved student(s).

Committee Membership

The SCC is chaired by the Associate Dean of Students/Director of Student Welfare with representatives from the following offices:

Additional Information

Please contact the Dean of Students Office concerning behavioral issues located in Main Building 108 by phone at 512-448-8408 for additional information or the Associate Vice President for Student Academic Support Services for academic issues located in Main Building 107 by phone at 512-428-1037 for additional information.

Resources and Forms