Books & Coffee Reading Group

Spring 2015

Again this year, the Center for Teaching Excellence is hosting “Books & Coffee” reading and discussion groups for faculty.  Over the course of one semester, the group will meet multiple times to discuss the readings, with group members taking turns leading discussions. And yep, we’ll always have coffee.

Book:  Learner-Centered Teaching: Putting the Research on Learning into Practice

Terry Doyle - Stylus, 2011
This book presents the research-based case that Learner Centered Teaching (LCT) offers the best means to optimize student learning in college, and offers examples and ideas for putting it into practice, as well the underlying rationale. It also starts from the premise that many faculty are much closer to being learner centered teachers than they think, but don’t have the full conceptual understanding of the process to achieve its full impact. There is sometimes a gap between what we would like to achieve in our teaching and the knowledge and strategies needed to make it happen.
To enable faculty to navigate this shift, Terry Doyle presents an LCT-based approach to course design that draws on current brain research on cognition and learning; on addressing the affective concerns of students; on proven approaches to improve student’s comprehension and recall; on transitioning from “teller of knowledge” to a “facilitator of learning”; on the design of authentic assessment strategies – such as engaging students in learning experiences that model the real world work they will be asked to do when they graduate; and on successful communication techniques.  - Stylus, 2011


Meeting and Topic Schedule

We will meet four times across the semester on Thursday afternoons from 3:30 - 4:30 pm in Holy Cross 317.   And we will always have coffee and snacks.
January 29

Ch 1: Follow the Research
Ch 2: Getting Students to Do the Work

February 19
Facilitators: Sarah Henseler and Camelia Rotaru

Ch 3: The Power of Authentic Learning
Ch 4: From Lecturer to Facilitator
Ch. 5: Who Are Our Learners and How Do We Get to Know Them Better?

March 31 (rescheduled from March 12)
Facilitators: Kate Lopez, Jooyoun Lee and Tom Sechrest
Ch 6: Sharing Control and Giving Choices
Ch 7: How Teachers Can FAcilitate Student Discussions by Not Talking
Ch 8: Teaching to All the Senses
April 16
Facilitators:  Lynn Rudloff, Moriah McCracken and Brittney Johnson
Ch 9: Patterns: A Major Element in Effective Teaching and Learning
Ch 10: Repetition and Elaboration
Ch 11: Is a Revolution Coming? Movement, exercise, and Learning


How to Sign Up

Please fill out this short registration form.  We will get in touch with you shortly about how to receive your copy of the book.


Previous Books & Coffee Topics

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2011 - Summer - Current Debates about College Teaching and Higher Education
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