Books & Coffee Reading Group

Spring 2014

Again this year, the Center for Teaching Excellence is hosting “Books & Coffee” reading and discussion groups for faculty.  Over the course of one semester, the group will meet multiple times to discuss the readings.  Although group members normally take turns leading discussions, this semester we will have a series of guest facilitators to help us get into the readings. And yep, we’ll always have coffee.

Topic:  Teaching for 21st-Century Literacies

This semester's Books & Coffee group will focus on a series of articles about what are often termed "twenty-first-century literacies."  For each emerging literacy, we will be reading several short pieces about both why and how faculty are teaching it.  We will also look at the learning rubrics for each area that have been assembled by teams of college teachers across the country as part of the American Association of Colleges & Universities VALUE rubric project.   Whether you agree or disagree with how these areas are being defined and pursued, you'll find much to chew on about the essential learning our students need for a changing world.


Meeting and Topic Schedule

We will meet five times across the semester on Wednesday afternoons from 2- 3:30 pm in Fleck 314.   And we will always have coffee.
February 5:  What is it that students ought to learn in college?  (Room Exception: Fleck 315)
February 19:  Teaching quantitative literacy across the curriculum
Guest facilitators:  Members of the Math department, including Jason Callahan, Carol Gee, and Gloria White
March 19:  Teaching global learning at SEU and across the nation
Guest facilitators:  Members of the SEU global learning rubric project team, including David Blair, Mity Myhr, and Christie Sample Wilson
April 9: Teaching information literacy for the 21st century
Guest facilitator:  Pongracz Sennyey, Director of the Munday Library

April 30: Teaching "integrative learning"
Guest facilitator:  Rebecca Frost Davis, Director of Instructional and Emerging Technologies


This group will share readings and comments through a separate site.  Check out the Spring 14 Books & Coffee Edublogs site. 


How to Sign Up

Please fill out this short registration form.  We will get in touch with you shortly about how to join the web site and access upcoming readings.