Quick Use Checklist for Online Materials

How do you know if you can show audio or video online to teach at SEU?
How much graphics, audio, or video can you show in a face to face vs. Blackboard class?
How often can you show copyrighted material?

  1. This list is based on provisions outlined in the TEACH Act.  Please refer to UT's summary of the Teach Act for complete list of guidelines
  2. For specific examples and use cases, please refer to:

You should be able to answer “yes” to every question before using the work without permission.*

Was the work legally acquired?

Will the work be used for either display or performance in an SEU classroom setting?

Will the work be used as part of “systematic mediated instructional activities” at SEU?

  • Need a definition of “systematic mediated instructional activities”?


Is the work integral to the “classroom session”?

Are there no commercially available versions of the work; or does the commercial version have technology protections that would prevent you from using it to display or perform the work online?

Is the amount of the work being used a “reasonable and limited” quantity?

  • Need a definition of “reasonable and limited quantity”?


Will access to the material be limited to those enrolled in the class?

Will access to the material be limited to the time of the “class session”?

Will measures be taken that help to prevent downloading of the material?

Will students be prevented from retaining the work beyond the “class session”?

Will steps be taken so that students can’t distribute your classroom material?

Is a copyright notice present on the website?

*Note: Refer to Fair Use guidelines before using materials outside of the TEACH act provision
This document is meant to provide general information about copyright, and is not a substitute for legal advice.  Consult a licensed attorney for specific legal questions.