Topper Text

What is Topper Text?

St. Edward’s University has invested in an information alert system that allows university administrators to send important information to faculty, staff and students in an emergency situation. Topper Text delivers text messages on a cellphone or by email. In order to receive text messages from the university in an emergency situation, you must log in to Rave Wireless and enter or verify your cellphone number.

Topper Text will not replace other forms of communication, but it will supplement the university’s other emergency notification processes such as the St. Edward’s University Hotline (416-5800) and the St. Edward’s website. Note that all text messages from St. Edward's University will originate from 226787 or 67283, the short codes for our vendor.

How much will it cost to receive emergency messages?

Topper Text is free to St. Edward’s University students, faculty and staff. However, if you choose to receive text messages by cellphone, there may be a small fee depending on your cellphone plan. Since cellular plans vary, we recommend that you check with your provider to see if they will charge you to receive Topper Text messages. Most plans charge a nominal fee.

House Bill 2758

During the 82nd Texas Legislative Session, the Legislature passed a bill that requires all universities to have emergency notification systems that include distribution to students, faculty and staff members. The new law mandates that participation must be on an opt-out basis. If you do not wish to receive emergency text messages or emails from St. Edward’s University in the event of an emergency, you must document your request by opting out. If you do not opt out of the system, you will automatically receive emergency text messages and/or emails based on information you provided.

The emergency text and email messaging system is used only in the event of an imminent physical danger to the campus community; a campus closure that affects class schedules and normal business operations; and certain campus crime alerts as determined by the St. Edward’s University Chief of Police.

How do I opt out of the emergency text message service?

Being informed in the event of an emergency on campus is important to your safety and we do not recommend that you opt out of this service. However, if you choose to opt out, please go to