Student Web Sites

Instructions for Publishing a Web Site at St. Edward's

All students publishing web pages at St. Edward's University need to complete the following steps to publish a web page:

  1. Create your web pages.
    Instructions for creating web pages and information on Computer Training Courses dealing with web development may be found on the website creation site.
    When you create your web pages, make sure you name the first or home page index.htm or index.html.

  2. Upload your web pages to the server
    Save the files in the directory public_html. If you are on campus, login to any lab or classroom computer and you are automatically be logged into EdShare. In your EdShare directory (I:) will be a directory public_html.

    Save all of your web documents in the public_html folder. This includes your home page (index.htm or index.html) as well as all images and web pages. If you are in a residence hall or off campus you will need to use a Secure FTP client to upload your files to EdShare.
    Instructions for using SFTP software to access EdShare (Windows)

    Instructions for using SFTP software to access EdShare (Mac OS X)

  3. View your web page.
    Once you have successfully published your web page your web address will be

Resources for Developing a Web Site

If you would like training on creating a web page, several classes are offered, including an introductory course in XHTML called "Introduction to Web Design" and more. See the computer training workshop schedule. Courses are also offered in Adobe Dreamweaver which is the supported Web Development application on campus. If you use Microsoft FrontPage, please be aware that FrontPage extensions are not available on our web server. See Website Creation for more information on creating web pages. If you need assistance with the process of publishing or creating your page, please call the Help Desk at 448-8443.

When I go to my web address, the page says it is "Forbidden". What does that mean? How do I fix it?
Your web page might have a permission error, meaning an error occured with the file and will not display the page as intended. You may fix the error by following the instructions on our Correcting Permissions in EdShare handout (PDF) or contacting the Help Desk (512-448-8443) for assistance.