Blackberry E-mail and WiFi Setup


E-mail Setup

Wi-Fi Setip


SEU BlackBerry

Only BlackBerries that were purchased by SEU have the availability to sync with the BlackBerry server. If you would like your e-mails, contacts and calendar to sync to your SEU BlackBerry, please contact the Help Desk 512-448-8443.


If you would like to have training in how to use your SEU Blackberry please fill out the one-on-one consultation form and on the desired training topics field enter SEU BlackBerry. Then under additional comments list items you would like to learn or go over during the training.

Non SEU BlackBerry

Setup Email

Pease note that depending on your BlackBerry model and OS version the options may be different . For more help please visit the BlackBerry email setup help page.

  1. From the home screen, go to Setup
  2. Click Setup Wizard
  3. Click Email Setup
  4. In the setup wizard, on the email setup screen, select I want to create or add an email address option.
  5. Click Next
  6. Click Next to open the email setup website on your smartphone.
  7. If you agree to the legal terms and conditions, click I Accept.
  8. On the Email Setup screen select Other.
  9. Type the email address information and click Next.
  10. Click Ok

Sync Calendar and Contacts from your PC or Mac

You must first download and install Blackberry Desktop Software . To sync your calendar using the Blackberry Desktop Software you must be using MS Outlook or iCal.

Connecting your BlackBerry to your computer using a USB connection
  1. Connect the large end of the USB cable to a USB port on your computer
  2. Connect the small end of the USB cable to the USB port on the side of your BlackBerry® device
  3. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager
  4. Click Options
  5. Click Connection options
  6. In the Connections drop-down list, click your USB connection
  7. Click OK
  8. Restart computer

Setup Synchronize for calendar and contacts for PC
  1. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager
  2. Click Organizer
  3. Click on Configure Settings…
  4. For Calendar
    • Select the Calendar check box
    • Click Setup
    • Select Microsoft Outlook
    • Click Next
    • Select Zimbra (if you are using Zimbra connector for Outlook) else select Outlook
    • Click Next
    • In the Calendar date range section, select an option for transferring items
    • Click Next
  5. Repeat step 4 for Address Book
  6. Click Finish.

Connecting to SEU Wireless Network

Instructions for BlackBerry OS 6 and up:

  1. From the home screen click on the Manage Connections icon.
  2. If your Wi-Fi connection is turned off, click on the checkbox next to Wi-Fi to turn it on.
  3. Next, scroll down and click on Set Up Wi-Fi Network.
  4. Scroll down to SEU and click on it.
    1. Enterprise Sub-Type: PEAP
    2. Username: SEU user name
    3. Password: SEU password
    4. CA Certificate: None Selected
    5. Inner link sercurity: Auto
    6. Token: None selected
    7. Disable Server Certificate Validation: Click on the checkbox
    8. Click Connect
  5. Once you get the Connection Successful screen, press Next or Ok.
  6. Lauch the borwser App and go
  7. If prompted click on Please click here to connect to the network
  8. Your computer will be scanned. The scan will take a few minutes and then you will be granted access to the network.