PowerPoint 2010 Known Issues and Solutions

Known Issue Solution Outcome
Links not loading in PowerPoint 2010. This could be due to the file being saved as .ppt (97-2003 format) Save the PowerPoint file as .pptx (2007 or 2010 format) Links will load while in Slide Show View
Using 64-bit PowerPoint 2010 "Insert Video from a Website" is disabled. To enable "Insert Video From Website" using 64-bit PowerPoint 2010 you must install the latest Adobe Flash Player 11.
Step 1: Choose "Windows 7 (64-bit)"
Step 2: Install BOTH versions - "Flash Player 11 for Internet Explorer" AND "Flash Player 11 for Other Browsers".
Once the active-x is installed a user will be able to insert a video from a website.
Using PowerPoint 2010 PowerPoint Show (.ppsx) files and opening these file from Blackboard using IE9 will automatically open the file in the PowerPoint program/application rather than in the Show mode. *Faculty will sometimes use PowerPoint Show files to post to Blackboard and not show their notes pages. To save their PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) as a PDF (.pdf)  *Faculty may be concerned with the amount of pages that will print with each slide on its own page, but there is an option to print multiple pages per sheet using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. This will strip out the notes pages and allow students to download the file from Blackboard using any browser.