Password Changes

All prospective students, current students, faculty and staff can manage their passwords via MyHilltop.


Forgot Your Password?

For anyone that has claimed their account within MyHilltop, their password can be changed via the MyHilltop Idenity Self-Service page. Once at the page, click on "Forgot Password" to start the process.

For anyone that is unable to reset their password via the self-service page, please call the Office of Information Technology at (512) 448-8443.





Claim Your Account

Account claiming is the process of establishing your account within MyHilltop. Those that have previously used EdWeb will need to establish a new password during the account claim process. During the account claim process, you will do the following

  1. Login with your previous EdWeb username and password
  2. Review the St. Edward's "Computing Policy"
  3. Set up "Alternative Contact Information" (Optional). This allows for easier self-service account recovery.
  4. Set up account "Security Questions." These are used for resetting your password if you happen to forget it.
  5. Establish password with the following requirements:
  • Must be at least 6 characters
  • Must be shorter than 32 characters
  • Must contain at least one digit (numeric)
  • Must contain at least one letter
  • May contain upper case or lower case English letters
  • May contain special characters

    6. Account claim process is complete. Your username will be displayed. At this time, you should click "Finalize Your Account Activation" to finish the process.