Mac Mail Groups (Distribution Lists)

If you frequently email the same group of recipients, a distribution list can save you time. Instead of having to add each individual contact one by one, you can simply add the distribution list to your email and you have included all of those contacts in one step.


To Create a Distribution List:


  1. In your Address Book, make sure you have the email address for each of the people you want on the list. If you need to add someone's email address, click on the "+" icon underneath the Name column.

  2. Create a New Group by selecting the “+” icon under the Group area.
  3. Name the Group.

  4. Click on "All Contacts," then drag and drop the names of the people you want in the your new Group to the group name on the left.
  5. Now open up Mail and in the “To:” Field type the name of the Group you created. As you type, Mac Mail will fill in the rest.

  6. Type your e-mail and press Send.