Known Issues

Currently on Zimbra Version 7.1

Email Issues

Issues Workaround
Email addresses are disappearing from contact group in Zimbra. No solution at this time. This will be reported to Zimbra.

When dragging and dropping an email to the mini calendar in Zimbra it adds all attendees from the email in the appointment creation.

Now it ask if you would like to add attendees to the appointment. 

Global Address List (GAL) is not up to date in Outlook.

Outlook 2007 - Go to Tool then under Send/Receive select Global Address List. Click on "Update Global Address List."

Outlook 2010 - Click on the Zimbra tab and under syncing, click on Sync Global Address List and then click on Update Global Address List.

Tasks cannot be assigned to others from Outlook or Zimbra. Create a email and include task in email body.
Cannot insert/use a distribution list that was email to me as an attachment in Outlook. You will have to either recreate the distribution list or have the users share their entire contact list. You can not insert a distribution list that was emailed as a attachment.
Outlook With Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) 7.x.x getting local failure message for signatures named the same as the user  SEU login name Rename the signature in Zimbra
On Outlook With Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) 7.x.x cannot create or update/modify signatures in Outlook. The Signature gets deleted from Outlook and Zimbra webmail You must create/modify signatures in Zimbra webmail only.
On Outlook 2010 With Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) 7.x.x and having a second account setup as POP or IMAP. After setting up the POP/IMAP as the default account to sent emails from. When i do a mail merge from Word the emails are getting sent from the Zimbra account and not the default account. There is no work around or solution to this issue. Unless you setup a alternate computer to send the IMAP or POP account.
In Outlook 2010 how to prevent winmail.dat attchements - Does winmail.dat show up for some but not all recipients of your messages?

Sometimes Outlook will send a message using the RTF format (which is not very common outside Outlook) for bold text and other text enhancements, it includes the formatting commands in the winmail.dat file.

For Outlook 2007:

  • Select Tools | Options... from the menu.
  • Go to the Mail Format tab.
  • Under Compose in this message format:, make sure either HTML or Plain Text is selected.
  • Click Internet Format.
  • Make sure either Convert to Plain Text format or Convert to HTML format is selected under When sending Outlook Rich Text messages to Internet recipients, use this format:
  • Click OK.
  • Click OK again.

For Outlook 2010:

  • Select the File Tab | Options...
  • Select the Mail button and under Compose Messages
  • Select HTML under the Compose Messages in this format
  • Then scroll down to Message Format
  • Make sure Convert to HTML format is selected under the When sending messages in Rich Text format to Internet recipients option.
  • Click OK



Calendar Issues

Issues Workaround
An email message is always sent for every appointment that is created, updated, or deleted. This is normal behavior for a message-based calendar tool like Exchange or Zimbra. Be aware that in order for the item to appear or change on the other attendee's calendars, a message must be sent.
Address Book on Mac OS 10.6.x is not syncing. You must update your password in the Zimbra iSync.
Categories change when used on shared calendars.  Outlook categories are specific to a calendar on a specific computer.  If you are the only one updating your calendar you can successfully use categories.  If you have granted delegate rights to your calendar, every time your delegate makes a change on a meeting (adds new invitees, changes locations, updates notes on the meeting) the category for the meeting will return to the default color on your calendar.  No work around

A Delegate/Manager of another's calendar may receive a confirmation email when someone that was invited to the meeting accepts the request.

Accepting Request Email Response

Example: If you are a delegate on AdminA's calendar and you create a meeting request to send to others from AdminA's calendar and those attendees accept the request,  you will receive a confirmation email that they accepted the request and you will see the following message because it is not on your calendar, but please disregard that the meeting is not on your calendar because you created it from AdminA's calendar as a delegate. This is just a notification email that someone has accepted the meeting request.
I do not see who has accepted for a meeting that I created on a calendar that I am a delegate on. Only the organizer of a meeting (the person who creates the meeting) can see who has accepted the meeting. Important note: In order for the organizer to see if you have accepted a meeting you must accept and send a response to the organizer. There is the option to not notify the organizer, but this will not allow them to see that you accepted the appointment/meeting request.

In Zimbra Calendar - The organizer may double-click on the appointment/meeting click on Edit and then click on the Schedule tab to view who has accepted the meeting request. The organizer can do this from their own calendar or a calendar that he or she is set as a  designate/manager.

In Outlook Calendar - The organizer may double-click on the meeting, then click on Tracking to view who has accepted the meeting request or not. 

In iCal - The organizer may double-click on a meeting, then view the invitees and see who has accepted the meeting.

When printing from Zimbra a schedule view. None of the appointments appear on the print preview or print out. Issue has been fixed with upgrade 6.0.10
On Outlook 2010 with Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) 7.x.x on a shared/deligate not able to load the free/busy time on attendees when in the schedule view When in the schedule view press Ctrl + K it will them load the free/busy time for the attendees.

Task Issues

Issues Workaround
Task get corrupted when they are setup as recurring task in Outlook There is no work around or solution to this issue.Just do not setup Task as recurring in Outlook.

Not able to assign Task in Outlook

There is no work around or solution to this issue. Zimbra webmail does not support this feature.