Wireless Access on Campus

St. Edward's University provides free Internet access to all faculty, staff and students in two forms:

  1. Wireless
  2. Ethernet
    • All faculty and staff have ethernet in their offices. 
    • Residence Halls have ethernet in each bedroom or desk space. You may also connect game consoles to the network.

About Wireless Access

All members of the St. Edward's community must authenticate and register before using our campus wireless network.  Windows computers are required to download the ENAC agent, which scans to verify critical Windows updates are installed and antivirus software is up to date. Mac computers must only authenticate and register. 

Instructions for connecting to the wireless network:

iPhone, iPad or iTouch Android
Chrome Books

Available wireless networks:

  1. SEU
    The SEU network uses 802.1x authentication for a faster and more secure connection.  All data sent over this network is encrypted.
  2. SEU-Wifi Setup
    For Windows computers only: Use this to configure Windows computers before connecting to the SEU wireless network for the first time.
  3. SEU-Guest
    The SEU-Guest zone is available to guests on campus but with limited bandwidth. In residence halls, the SEU-Guest network is available only during the summer.

Number of devices allowed on network:

You are allowed to register up to 20 devices on the SEU Network.

Wireless availability on campus:

Wireless is available campuswide, including in residence halls and apartments.

To access SEU's wireless network you must have:

  • A wireless adapter that supports the 802.11g/n wireless protocol
  • Your St. Edward's University login and password 
  • Windows 7 with all critical updates installed, Mac OS X or Linux
  • AntiVirus Software (provided on SEU Software Downloads for free)

Access from Residence Halls and On Campus Apartments:

St. Edward's University provides free Internet access to all students living on campus. All St. Edward's University Residence Halls and Apartments are connected to the St. Edward's network via ethernet and wireless. Every room has wireless access and at least one jack. Shared rooms will have two jacks.