Find where software is installed in labs and classrooms

February 15, 2011 | , ,

Any faculty, staff or student can use the IT web site to find out where supported software applications are installed in computer labs and classrooms on campus.

After accessing the IT web site via the "Computing Help" quick link in the browser, navigate across the top of the page to a link called "Equipment and Rooms."  Click this link, and then click the link called "Lab and Classroom Software."  In the window that opens up, you can click software titles to determine where specific software is installed,  or you can click on a classroom link to see what software is installed in that room.  This page also indicates the software contained in the standard image for both Windows and Mac computers at St. Ed's. 

As a reminder, new software requests by faculty should be submitted 3 weeks in advance to allow Student Computing time to install, test and verify the requested software doesn't conflict with any existing applications.