Email at St. Edwards

St. Edward's has a unified email and calendaring system that  allows you to check your email and calendar on almost any device — Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows computer with IE, Firefox or Chrome, Mac computer with Safari, Firefox or Chrome. You will be able to check your email or figure out where your meeting is from home, your apartment in Angers, France, or while walking across campus. Using a supported email/calendar application you can see the same email and appointments from anywhere. With some applications you can also use the Global Address Book, which lists all St. Edward's email addresses.

Email Addresses

All St. Edward's University faculty, staff and students have a St. Edward's email account.  All faculty, staff and students will use the email address  Use the online directory  or the Global Address Book in Zimbra WebMail to find a specific email address.

Email Quotas

Mail left on the server may not exceed the following quotas:

  •  Students: 1 GB
  •  Faculty and Staff: 2 GB

Zimbra Email Quota Increase Request Instructions — Faculty and Staff Only

Email Retention

  • Email that is not forwarded is stored on the mail until it is deleted by end user.
  • Email in the Trash folder is deleted after 7 days.
  • Email in the Junk folder is deleted after 30 days.

Web Mail

Zimbra is both our email server and our web-based email application.You can select the Standard (HTML) or Mobile version from the dropdown menu below the Log In button.

Using Outlook or Mac Mail (for Faculty and Staff on Campus Computers Only)

Your university-owned computer can be set up to use Outlook with the Zimbra Connector or MacMail with IMAP settings. To set this up please contact the Computer Help Desk at 512-448-8443.  

Accessing Email from Home (for Faculty and Staff)

Because your on-campus email is already synced with Zimbra Webmail we support using Zimbra Webmail from home. If you are using Eudora, Outlook or Mac Mail from home you risk removing mail from the server and losing access to it on campus. Your Zimbra webmail is synced to your Outlook or Mac Mail on campus, so if you read email using Zimbra Webmail from home, those emails will appear as read when you come to campus and check your email via Outlook or Mac Mail. If you send messages from home using Zimbra Webmail those sent messages will appear in your Sent folder in Outlook or Mac Mail from on campus.


Note: All Faculty and Staff should use Zimbra WebMail or Outlook with Zimbra Connector.

These instructions are only for students who do not wish to sync their email to smartphones or to use the Zimbra Calendar in Outlook or Mac Mail. IMAP applications may also be used with our mail server, but retention of mail must be carefully considered by anyone choosing this option. Instructions are available for setting up IMAP for Outlook and Mac Mail. If you would like more information about IMAP options for other email applications or have questions about IMAP please contact the Computer Help Desk.

Email Safety

All email on St. Edward's servers is scanned for attachments that might contain viruses. All university-owned computers and all student computers have access to free virus protection. However, new ways of infiltrating your computer's defenses are created every day. For more information on protecting your computer and your privacy from "phishing," viruses and worms see Email Safety.


The file size limit for attachments is 20 MB. In addition, attachments with extensions commonly used to convey viruses are automatically stripped from incoming or outgoing emails. These include attachments with the extensions .zip, .exe. and .mdb. See Email Safety for a complete list of restricted attachment extensions.

Spam Filtering

St. Edward's has implemented a spam-filtering application, CanIt. For more information on spam filtering and instructions on setting up email filters for supported email applications, see Spam Filtering at St. Edward's University.

Email Account Request Forms

Group Email Request Form
Account Request form for Guests Affiliated With SEU
Zimbra Email Quota Increase Request Instructions - Faculty and Staff Only