EdShare is a network file and print server available to faculty, staff and students. EdShare is available from computers in offices and labs on campus and available through SFTP from residence halls and off campus. It is accessible from any Mac or Windows computer. Use the same password you use for EdWeb and e-mail. Edshare is used for:

  • Storing files
    EdShare is a file server. You may store any type of files there with in a time frame.
  • Backing up files
    EdShare is the ideal place to backup important documents. EdShare is backed up nightly so your files will always be available.
  • Sharing files among staff or faculty members or class members
    EdShare has a shared folder that allows you to store files where other users in your department can access the files. Special shares may be set up by faculty and staff for use by faculty, staff and students.
  • Publishing a web site
    Every faculty, staff and student will have a public_html directory automatically created for them in their personal EdShare directory. Use this space to publish web pages to your web site (your web address will be myweb.stedwards.edu/loginname). Are your pages in the right place but still not displaying on your myweb address? Download the instructions to correct web permissions.

Assistance: Computer Help Desk (512) 448-8443 or support@stedwards.edu