Compose a New Message on Mac Mail

Create a new message

To compose a new message click on the paper and pen button.


Using Address Book

To address a message to be sent to someone in your address book type the name of the group or contact and Mac Mail will automatically fill in the address for you.

Composing, Formatting and using Spell-Check

To compose a message click on New Message, then the Message window will display. As shown below:


Formatting options are listed under the Format Menu. Here, you may style your content while working on an email message.


Spell-check options are located under the Edit Menu.

  1. Hover the cursor over Spelling and Grammar, then Check Spelling.
  2. The "While Typing" option will make MacMail check spelling as text is typed. 


Replying, Reply to All, and Forwarding

When you receive a message you have the options to Reply, Reply to All, or Forward the message. Select the message you want to reply to and choose from one of the three options:


Setting Importance

Select whether the message is of “high importance” or of “low importance”

  1. In the New Message window click on the three line icon and select Priority Field
  2. Cick on priority field icon
  3. Select the Priority of the email