Blackboard 9

File Naming Conventions

  • Use only letters, numbers and underscores ( _ ) in filenames.
  • Do include extensions on filename.  Even if you are using a Mac, add the appropriate file extension.
  • Don’t use periods anywhere else in your filenames except before the extension.
  • Don’t use spaces, commas, pound signs (#), question marks, equal signs, dashes or any other special characters in your filenames.

Grade Center New Features

The Grade Center functions have been slightly reorganized and collapsed into fewer categories. There are also new features to make the Grade Center more effecient and easier to grade items.

Course Home Page


The Course Home Page is the new entry point in Blackboard 9. The new homepage has been transformed to an information center containing different customized modules. These modules are information boxes that alert students to different happenings in the course.

Modify Items

There is a new way to modify items in Blackboard 9.1. In the screenshot below, notice that each item has a button associated with it.

Clicking this button opens drop-down menu:

Drag / Drop Re-ordering

Video Tutorial | Written Tutorial

Video Tutorial


There is a new way to reorder items on your course page. Look at the image below:

What's New In Blackboard 9

New Interface

Adding Content to a Content Area

Create Item

1.    Mouse over Build Content > click Item.

New Control Panel

The Control Panel is no longer located on a separate page: