Edshare Maintenance Mode Until 12:00 PM Friday

September 7, 2012

Update - 11:00 AM: Edshare is back up. Due to the network events early that occurred early Friday morning, Edshare will be unavailable until about noon on Friday, September 7. The extended maintenance mode is due to file system fixing and ensures that no data will be…


Update: Email and Log In Functionality Restored, Failure Mode Identified

September 7, 2012

Update 6:35 AM: Blackboard is back up.Roughly 80% of our servers have been restored to normal functionality. Edshare is expected to be restored within another few hours. As of 5:45 AM, email is back up.Core DNS, DHCP, and authentication modes are also up. There is no…


Recent Network Events - Resolution Underway

September 7, 2012

Our Digital Infrastructure team reports that three network events took place in the early hours of Friday, September 7. The routing protocol we use lost connections around 12:45 AM and severs were affected in two locations on campus. IT staff members were on campus within 30…


Blackboard and Zimbra Mail Currently Unavailable

September 7, 2012

Our Digital Infrastructure team is aware of and currently responding to recent failures of the Blackboard and email servers. We also have an engineer from our hardware vendor, Enterasys, on site working to resolve the problem. There appears to have been a storage network event…


Service Restored to Edweb, Edshare, and Blackboard

September 5, 2012 |

As of 5:30 PM, access to Edshare, Edweb, and Blackboard has been restored. We will continue to update as additional servers/services are brought back up. We believe that we have identified the root cause of these difficulties and will provide additional information on the problem and its…


Service Outage Update: Still Pursuing Resolution, No Firm ETA

September 5, 2012 |

Our Digital Infrastructure team continues to close in on a strategy for resolving the server and network outages. However, we have recently encountered some unforeseen delays in restoring service. There is no firm ETA at this time, but we will continue to update you as progress…


Service Outages

September 5, 2012 | , , ,

Our Digital Infrastructure Team was alerted this morning with inconsistencies between the N7 switch and the servers. Blackboard and Zimbra are currently offline. You may experience slow connections for Edweb, Edshare, and internet usage. We apologize for the disturbance and will update you when issues are…


Edweb Login Restored

September 3, 2012 | , ,

Edweb access is back up and running. Please inform us of any outages you experience. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Edweb Down

September 3, 2012 | , , ,

We are aware of current issues with Edweb login. Our teams are currently working on resolving these log in problems. We do not have an ETA but will notify when complete. Please keep an eye on blog posts and Facebook for updates. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Wifi Maintenance Saturday 9/1 4:00 - 6:00 AM

August 31, 2012 |

The Digital Infrastructure team will be conducting some light maintenance on the wireless network from 4:00 - 6:00 AM on Saturday, September 1st. Users connected to the SEU, SEU-Wifi Setup, and SEU-Guest networks during that time frame will experience 5 - 10 minutes of no connectivity…