Android Email and Wi-Fi Setup

Wi-Fi Setup

Email Setup

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Checking Your St. Edward's Email on Your Android Device

Android OS v. 2.1

  1. Select the email application and choose Microsoft Exchange settings.
  2. Domain\username: enter your St. Edward's username.
  3. Password:  enter your St. Edward's password.
  4. Server:
  5. Check the box "Use secure connection (SSL)."
  6. Check the box "Accept all SSL certificates."

Android OS v. 2.2

  1. Open your device's email application.
  2. If you already have an email account setup, press Menu and tap Accounts. Press Menu again and tap Add account. Otherwise choose “Exchange ActiveSync” to begin your setup.
  3. At the bottom left hand corner of your screen go ahead and choose “ Manual Setup.”
  4. Type your St. Edward’s provided address in the Email address box.
  5. Type “” in the server address box.
  6. Type “” in the domain address box.
  7. Type in your St. Edward’s login in the username box.
  8. Type in your St. Edward’s account password in the password box.
  9. Check the “This server requires an encrypted SSL connection box.
  10. Click Next.
  11. The next screen will ask to check the services you would want to sync with your phone. Check mail, calendar and contacts to finish your setup.
  12. Click Finish Setup.

Manual Setup (Other Versions of Android)

  • Domain\Username: SEU account name (No domain needed)
  • Password: SEU password
  • Exchange Server / Mail Server:
  • Check "Use secure connection (SSL)"
  • Uncheck "Use client certificate"

Connecting to SEU Wireless Network

  1. Enable WI-Fi on your Android device
  2. In Settings choose Wireless & networks and choose Wi-Fi settings
  3. Please select SEU
  4. You will now be prompted to input your Identity (SEU username) and password. Then tap Connect.
  5. Launch your browser of choice and connect to the network.

Quick Wi-Fi Settings

  • EAP method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • CA Certificate: Leave blank
  • User Certificate Leave blank
  • Identity: SEU username
  • Anonymous Identity: SEU username
  • Password: SEU password