Digital Video and Podcasting Projects



Classroom Guest lecturing:

A guest lecture by Media Services professional staff is an excellent first step to video and audio project assignments for all majors. Our staff offers project consultation and simplified instructional materials and tutorials for digital projects. This lecture inspires students to creatively depict actions representative of assigned subject matter.

Successful usage of digital camcorders

  • Demonstrations of operational techniques, camera movements
  • Best practices and other user support information

Supported editing software

  • Adobe Premiere instruction
  • Understanding storage requirements and file saving
  • Post production effects and outputting

Current policies and procedures

  • Equipment checkout and availability
  • Hours of operation

Hands on Digital Editing Assistance:

Digital Services Edit Bay

Contact Adrian Tapia:
(512) 428-1040

Audio Recording Booth

The Audio Booth is open to use for all St. Edward's Community for musical recording, screencasting, sound design, podcasting, voice recording and voice over. Access to the booth may be gained through Media Services staff or by reservation through the library's room reservation system at Hands-on help available during New Media Center hours. Instructions

FAQ and Suggestions:

What equipment is available to record video?

There are High Definition Digital Video Camcorders as well as DSLR cameras. Tripods with quick release heads and shoulder mounts are also available. DSLR recording kits are also available for recording sound with cameras. Lighting equipment and wireless microphones are not available. View equipment for loan in detail.

What are the equipment checkout policies and procedures?

Equipment checkout is available via the Munday Library Information desk.  They do not reserve checkout equipment.  Equipment loans are on a 48 hour basis. Label all materials and pick up the items in person. If there are questions or unresolved issues, please contact Adrian Tapia 428-1040 or Austin Doak, 428-1244. Please review our equipment loan policy.

Which video formats are currently supported?

We support digital formats including MPEG4 & H.264. Questions about copying should be addressed to Adrian Tapia 428-1040 or Austin Doak, 428-1244.

What is the best way to complete the project?

Utilize the resources on campus. Call 448-8796 and reserve a Ragsdale or Fleck conference room. Call 448-8762 to reserve a classroom.

Call Adrian Tapia @ 428-1040. If checking out the equipment for the first time, ask for starter training. Equipment information and additional instructions can be found on our Supported Equipment Standards page.

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