Media Services

Located in the Munday Library's New Media Center, Media Services provides classroom technology, digital services and training necessary for instructional excellence. 

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Services offered:

  • Expert design, installation & maintenance of technology-enhanced (SMART) classrooms
  • Research, development and evaluation of classroom technology
  • Integration of computer and technology equipment via custom programming and network management
  • Specification, consultation and vendor recommendations for digital video and display system acquisitions
  • Digital equipment checkout, training and assistance for faculty and students
  • Digital video and presentational technology assistance for student presentations and curriculum-based projects
  • Project management, consultation and execution of special events and high-level technology projects
  • Guest lecturing services available on a variety of topics

SMART classroom demonstrations and assistance:

We provide in-person demonstrations and consultations on our classroom technology.
Call (512) 448-8443 to get in touch with us and set up an appointment.

Requests for Digital Services:

Mon - Fri: 8am - 7:30pm
Requests must be submitted to Library 246. There are no charges for the services offered, however we do not provide the materials (disks, tapes, etc). Please contact Adrian Tapia @ 428-1040 for these services.