Classroom Technology Standards


Campus Standards for Technology Classrooms at St. Edward's University

  • Ceiling mounted LCD projector
  • Desktop integrated Media Control system
  • Windows 7, with minimum 2 GHz Computer, and a flat panel monitor
  • Built in DVD player drive
  • DVD/VCR with auxiliary device inputs
  • Projection screen approximately 84 inches diagonal
  • Presentational wireless mouse
  • 16 foot whiteboard or chalkboard (dependent of faculty request)
  • Overhead projector with back-up lamp switch OR a document camera
  • Laptop-to-projector connection for display, plus audio and internet.
  • Ceiling mounted speakers
  • Zoned lighting accessible at the instructor station
  • Telephone and emergency contact numbers
  • Classrooms are located within wireless Internet zones.


Fall & Spring Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 7:30 PM
Phone: (512) 448-8443

General Information

Classrooms are only available for scheduled activities and regular classes. To schedule a classroom you must first check with the Registrar as all classroom scheduling is controlled through the Registrar's office.

Five Minute Or Less Response Time

As part of Media Services commitment to the St. Edward's University community we respond to classroom technology emergencies typically in five minutes or less. Our goal is to make technology accessible, reliable and user friendly.


  • Each morning Media Services' staff performs equipment diagnostics including routine equipment maintenance and testing.

  • We provide classroom training and demonstrations to faculty, staff and students.

  • We've created best practices and other materials to make the technology experience successful.

  • Media Services staff designs and installs the technology, so we know the classrooms.

  • In keeping with our response time pledge, Media Services has satellite offices in JBWS, Andre and the Library.

  • Student assistants are trained to respond to technology emergencies.