Media Services

Media Services provides presentational technology, computing resources, digital services & training necessary for instructional excellence. Our primary focus is instructional support in classrooms and computer labs. We also staff the New Media Center in the Munday Library.


Computer and printer support in labs and classrooms: 

  • 24-hr computer labs
  • Public kiosk computers
  • Public drive-by computers
  • Computer classrooms
  • Specialty science labs
  • Library computer lab
  • Teacher stations


Projector, Display, and other audio/video support:

  • Classrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Atriums


Loan electronic equipment including but not limited to:

  • Digital  Video Cameras
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Audio Recorders
  • Tripods
  • Mac Display Adapters


Other services

  • Support installation of software packages, upgrades, and images in classrooms
  • Provide assistance with video productions and support for audio/video devices
  • Provide support for special events such as ACCESSU and other conferences