Online Courses

Career and Professional Development is proud to announce our new line up of online courses!

For the Spring 2016 semester, Career and Professional Development will be hosting the following 3 online courses:

  1. CPAM 1110.04: Jobs to Internships
  2. CPAM 1110.06: Career Management Strategies
  3. CPAM 1110.0A-91: Career Management Strategies (New College)

All 3 courses are for-credit, one-hour courses hosted all online through Canvas. There are no textbooks for any of the courses but students are accountable for staying on task with the weekly discussions and assisgnments.

The Topics in Career Planning and Management class was created to assist students in their preparation for future jobs,internships, and/or graduate and professional school studies.  Each section of CPAM 1110 has a different career theme, each  has different class registration requirements, and each is offered at different times during the school year.  While the office of Career and Professional Developmentis the host provider of CPAM 1110 and some sections are offered through this department, other sections are taught by staff from other university departments.When registering for this class, it is highly recommended that students check with the instructor of the section you are interested in for further detail about their particular class.

If you would like to learn more about these courses, please click on the links above or contact Career and Professional Development at 512-448-8530.

CPAM 1110 classes taught by Career and Professional Development:
-Part-time Jobs to Internships (online) (Instructor: Sally Perez-Ramos)
-Career Management Strategies (online) (Instructor: Emily Salazar) 
-Career Management Strategies (for New College) (online) (Instructor: Emily Salazar)
Other CPAM 1110 classes:
-Graduate & GRE Preparation (Instructor: Michal Goldstein)
-Hilltop Leaders (Instructor: Lindsey Woelker) (spring semester only)
-Graduate-MCAT Presentation (Instructor: Michael Lykaios Guerrero) (spring semester only)
-Navigating the Pre-Health Application Process (Instructor Jason DeLaRosa) (spring semester only)