Organization Leadership and Change (MSOLE)

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Ethics is designed to prepare individuals to assume leadership roles within organizations in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. While varied in structure and mission, most organizations seek leaders who possess such qualities as:
  • a vision that is ethically and morally responsible;
  • an understanding of the complex problems faced by organizations in a global economy;
  • the ability to achieve solutions consistent with the organization’s mission and core values;
  • the ability to motivate individuals and groups to work toward a common goal;
  • the ability to successfully introduce and implement organizational changes; and
  • the ability to effectively and ethically represent the organization and its stakeholders.
The MSOLE program provides the means by which individuals may discover and refine these and other qualities required for ethical leadership. This unique program encourages students to integrate and synthesize dynamic models of leadership, ethics and social responsibility with their own practical experience. Active learning is the cornerstone of MSOLE, with a focus on small-group interaction, discussions, presentations, research, role-plays and case studies. The knowledge and skills acquired in this innovative program culminate in a two-part action research project. In the first phase students identify, research and analyze an organizational issue or opportunity. During the second phase, students propose an action plan to initiate appropriate change indicated by their analysis.

MSOLE Course Rotations

The MSOLE program is delivered in seven week sessions, 3.5 class hours per week, two seven-week sessions per semester, three semesters per year. This enables students who take consecutive courses to complete the 36-hour course requirement in two calendar years. 

The MSOLE program is not accepting applications for admission.