MBA Curriculum and Courses

The MBA program consists of one three-semester-hour foundation course and 36 semester hours of core, advanced, and Capstone courses. After reviewing the student’s transcripts at the time of admission, the MBA advisor determines the number of foundation courses a student must take.

Foundation Courses: 3 Semester Hours

The foundation course prepares students for their core, advanced, and Capstone courses. Students must complete or be waived from the appropriate foundation course before enrolling in most core and any advanced course work, in accordance with the designated prerequisites for 6000-level courses.
The Foundation course requirement of the MBA program can be satisfied through provision of evidence of equivalent undergraduate course credit earned with a grade of C or higher, according to the following guidelines: (1) provision of evidence of three semester hours of credit for the equivalent course at the graduate level, or (2) the passing of a CLEP or DSST exam in lieu of one or more undergraduate courses. However, once students enroll in the MBA program, they may not take undergraduate courses or CLEP or DSST exams to meet the Foundation degree plan requirements. (See the Academic Enrichment and Tutoring web page,, or contact your advisor for more information about CLEP and DSST exams.)

Foundation: 3 Semester Hours (or Course-Equivalent Undergraduate Work)

  • FINC 5308 Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance (or six semester hours of financial and managerial accounting and three semester hours of upper-division managerial finance or investments)

Core: 18–21 Semester Hours

The Core courses of the MBA program give the student the necessary knowledge base to address the more complex problems and theoretical constructs of the next phases of the program.

Advanced: 12–15 Semester Hours

The Advanced courses lead students to synthesize knowledge and to build their understanding of complex organizational systems that are necessary for sound decision making. Students combine required and elective courses to broaden problem-solving skills and deepen knowledge in selected concentrations.
The Evening MBA program offers a range of concentrations, including: 

Capstone: 3 Semester Hours

Students have the option to take a either a global course with travel required or a non-travel Capstone course. The Capstone course leads students to integrate their knowledge, skills and experience in a strategic management project. Working in teams, students complete a hands-on project that requires investigation and formulation of business strategies that determine the character, direction and success of private, nonprofit or public organizations. Students will also develop a complete business plan based on their idea for starting a business or a nonprofit organization.