MBA Concentration: Global Entrepreneurship

The Global Entrepreneurship concentration provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to research, plan and prepare a viable business plan for the creation of a new enterprise in a global environment or to engineer the growth of an existing organization. Through classroom and experiential projects, students will learn how to determine the feasibility of a proposed enterprise, characterize its market constituency, identify the company’s competitive advantage and gauge the demand for a proposed venture. The global business aspect of the enhanced Global Entrepreneurship Concentration will position students to capitalize on the increasingly global nature of business and the demand for global business expertise.

Foundation: 6 Semester Hours (or Course-Equivalent Undergraduate Work)

  • FINC 5308 Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance


  • ACCT 6315 Accounting for Managers
  • FINC 6301 Financial Management
  • GBEN 6315 Global Management and Ethics
  • MGMT 6302 Organizational Behavior and Communications
  • MGMT 6321 Business Law and Ethics
  • MKTG 6301 Marketing Management


  • GBEN 6301 Global Entrepreneurship
  • GBEN 6313 Global Seminar in Business or GBEN 6311 Global Business Growth*
Students must successfully complete three of the following options:
  • GBEN 6310 Financing the Entrepreneurial Venture or FINC 6304 Global Finance
  • GBEN 6311 Global Business Growth*
  • GBEN 6313 Global Seminar in Business*
  • GBEN 6399 Special Topics in Global Entrepreneurship
  • MGMT 6312 Global Project Management
  • MGMT 6324 Global Human Resource Management
  • MKTG 6303 Global Marketing
*Either GBEN 6311 or GBEN 6313 must be taken as a required course. The course not taken as a required course may be taken as an elective.

Capstone (3 hours)

  • BUSI 6350 MBA Capstone or
  • GBEN 6350 Global Entrepreneurship Capstone