MBA Concentration: Accounting

The Accounting concentration is designed for students who wish to meet the educational requirements for examination toward professional certification as a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Texas. If a student does not have an undergraduate Accounting degree, other courses outside the MBA program must be completed before completing some of the upper-level courses in the concentration. The program teaches a diverse array of skills, aptitudes and technologies. Students have opportunities to develop strong problem-solving abilities, excellent oral and written communication skills, and technical knowhow. The objective of this concentration is to prepare students for the Certified Public Accountant exam and the Certified Managerial Accountant exam as well as a career in various areas of accounting.

Foundation: 6 Semester Hours (or Course-Equivalent Undergraduate Work)

  • FINC 5308 Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance


  • ACCT 6306 Accounting Systems
  • ACCT 6310 Advanced Accounting Problems
  • FINC 6301 Financial Management
  • GBEN 6315 Global Management and Ethics
  • MGMT 6302 Organizational Behavior and Communications
  • MGMT 6321 Business Law and Ethics
  • MKTG 6301 Marketing Management


  • ACCT 6312 Accounting Ethics
Students must successfully complete three of the following options:
  • ACCT 6301 Cost Management
  • ACCT 6304 Taxation – Individuals and Managers
  • ACCT 6305 Advanced Federal Taxation
  • ACCT 6309 Accounting Theory and Practice
  • ACCT 6314 Internal Auditing
  • ACCT 6318 Fraud and Forensic Accounting
  • ACCT 6350 Accounting Internship
  • ACCT 6399 Special Topics in Accounting
  • GBEN 6313 Global Seminar in Business

Capstone (3 hours)

  • BUSI 6350 MBA Capstone or
  • GBEN 6350 Global Entrepreneurship Capstone