SEU Request to Take Courses Off-Campus Form

Here is some general information regarding taking courses off campus as a St. Edward's student.
  • You must receive approval for any and all courses you take off campus to insure transferability. The SEU Registrar will refuse credit that has not been preapproved.
  • Insure that the course[s] are included on the SEU Registrar's transfer guide **[see next line's note] OR include a course description in your email submission for review].
  • Distance learning courses are allowed.
  • **Texas based Community Colleges usually participate in the Texas Common Course numbering system so should have identical or close course numbers to those on the Austin CC guides linked above
  • Be sure to include course type ['T' for transferable or 'W' for work force/NON TRANSFERABLE if at a community college.
  • It is your responsibility to arrange delivery of an official transcript to the SEU Registrar with a grade of 'C' or higher upon completion of the course[s].
    Keep in mind that the grade points will NOT affect your SEU gpa calculated only in the 'passed' column but the course name, number and letter grade will appear visually at the top of your SEU academic record as transfer credit.
-you may not transfer in an upper division course to SEU from a community college. All community college credits are lower division ONLY.
-you may take no more than 4 hrs during fall/spring off campus
-30 of your last 50 hrs must be done at SEU
-no more than 66 community college hrs may be transferred to SEU
-1/2 of your major and 12 hrs of the minor must be completed at SEU

Please provide the following information in ALL fields of the Request to Take Courses Off Campus Form from the SEU Registrar's forms library. This must be submitted on PC via Adobe pdf [not preview on Mac] so that your request to take courses off campus can be formally reviewed. Incomplete requests will NOT be processed so be sure to complete all fields *including the electronic signature*. You must then send the completed via email as instructed on the form. Thank you!