CLEP Study Guides

Authentic CLEP Study Materials

There are a lot of CLEP test prep materials available through public libraries and college bookstores. CLEP exams reflect introductory college courses -- please check with local colleges to see what text is being used in the courses for the subject(s) you hope to study.

Beware of false claims

Unauthorized agents use the CLEP name to market study aids. These materials are inadequate for preparation, and the claims made by these agents are patently false. Candidates are misled into signing contracts and then pressured to reimburse agents under threat of lowered credit rating. Unathorized agents may also seek to give the false impression that Education Testing Services (ETS) or the College Board sanction their companies' activities.

If you've been misled, seek legal advice

If you feel you have been misled into signing a fraudulent contract, seek legal help. If you're in the military, contact your base legal officer as well as your education officer. Military personnel can obtain study materials free of charge.

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*This book contains CLEP Study Guides for every CLEP test offered. We recommend buying this if you are taking 3 or more CLEP Tests.*

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*These study guides are taken directly from the comprehensive book listed above, but are sold individually. We recommend using these if you are taking only 1 or 2 CLEP Tests.*

*Note: All information listed above is from The College Board: