Assessment Committee 2015-2016

David Blair, Ph.D.'s picture
David Blair, Ph.D.

Director of Institutional Assessment

Josie Barrett's picture
Josie Barrett

Associate Director of Institutional Assessment

Bill Clabby's picture
Bill Clabby

Associate Vice President for Global Initiatives

Mary Culkin's picture
Mary Culkin

Director of Academic Success

Rebecca Davis, Ph.D.'s picture
Rebecca Davis, Ph.D.

Director of Instructional & Emerging Technology

Russell Frohardt, Ph.D.'s picture
Russell Frohardt, Ph.D.

Professor, Psychology, School of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Katie Peterson-Hernandez, Ph.D.'s picture
Katie Peterson-Hernandez, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Education, School of Education

Calvin Kelly, Ph.D.'s picture
Calvin Kelly, Ph.D.

Director of Counseling & Health Services

Bhuban Pandey's picture
Bhuban Pandey

Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness & Research

Camelia Rotaru, Ph.D.'s picture
Camelia Rotaru, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Finance, School of Business, Finance & Economics Chair

Georgia Seminet, Ph.D.'s picture
Georgia Seminet, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Spanish, School of Humanities, Area Coordinator

Nicole Guerrero Trevino's picture
Nicole Guerrero Trevino

Associate Vice President for Student Academic Support Services

Paul Walter, Ph.D.'s picture
Paul Walter, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor