Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. My child (or a friend’s child) wants to apply to St. Edward’s. Who should I contact?

A. You can pick up a printed application for the student in our office, or you can refer the student to an online application. We accept online applications from our own site and from the Common Application. If you’d like to arrange a campus visit, please call our main number, 448-8500, to set up a campus tour and an appointment with the admission counselor who works with your student’s geographic area.

Q. I want to take a class at St. Edward’s. Do I need to apply?

A. Yes, you’ll use the application for non-degree-seeking and postbaccalaureate students. You’ll need to send an official transcript from every undergraduate institution you’ve attended. If you’ve earned a master’s degree or higher, you may submit only the transcript from the institution awarding the graduate degree.  Faculty applicants, including adjuncts, are presumed to have graduate transcripts on file with the university and are therefore not required to submit transcripts. There is a $50 application fee. The deadline to apply for the fall semester is July 1, and the deadline for the spring semester is Nov. 15.

Q. How can I help the admission office with recruiting?

A. Thank you for your interest. It takes an entire campus to recruit the class – not just the admission office. When students visit campus, they develop an impression based on how friendly and helpful they perceive the faculty, students and staff to be. Saying hello to campus tour groups, offering to help families who look lost, and taking a few minutes to talk with students who drop by your office all help visitors feel welcome on our campus.

There are also several specific ways to help with recruiting. Students who visit campus want to meet faculty who teach in their major. You can help by letting students sit in on your classes or meeting with them one on one (our office will call you about these appointments). You can also help with our group programs, such as Senior Snapshot and Picture Yourself at St. Edward’s Day. These programs take place several times a year and include time for prospective students and their families to meet our staff and faculty. You can contact our office to let us know you’re interested in helping.

Q. Who should I contact about group tours?

A. We offer group tours during business hours Monday-Friday when classes are in session. Two weeks' advance notice is required. Tours are available for students of high school age or older; younger students, and groups that cannot visit during business hours during the school year, can have a self-guided tour. For more information or to schedule a tour, call 512-448-8500.

Q. What are the procedures for auditing a course?

A. Any person may audit a course.  The School Dean or Program Director determines which course offerings are open to auditors.  Visit the Office of the Registrar Audit Procedures policy for detailed information.