Academic Success Courses

APSC 1110: Effective College Learning

The Effective College Learning Course is a 1 hour credit bearing course offered each semester. All undergraduate students interested in learning strategies and skills necessary for college success are eligible to enroll.

This course is designed to enhance students' success in college studies through the develpment of effective academic and self-management skills. Topics discussed include note taking, time management, reading and test-taking skills, concentration, memory techniques, handling stress, motivation, and exploring and clarifying academic and life goals. Course activities may include readings, self-assessments, quizzes and exercises to practice skills and techniques, consultations with an instructor to review work plans and progress, and a final exam.

When indicated by the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs or by conditional admission status, certain students will be required to enroll in this course.

FYSM 1100: First Year Seminar in Samurai Secrets for Extraordinary Health and Peak Performance

What do the U.S. Marine Corps, 13th century Samurai swordsmen, and the NBA champion Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers have in common? In addition to being formidable warriors, they all practice (or are practicing) Mindfulness* in order to focus their attention, transform anxiety, enhance teamwork, and quickly shift into a peak performance state which sports psychologists describe as "the zone."

In Samurai Secrets for Extraordinary Health and Peak Performance you will learn how ancient Mindfulness techniques, modern biofeedback technology, & accelerated learning strategies can help you

  • Focus Attention
  • Increase Calmness and Deepen Relaxation
  • Enhance Academic Performance
  • Boost Physical and Emotional Resilience (Mental Toughness)
  • Improve Relationships
  • Cultivate Fundamental Leadership Skills
  • Fully Experience the Joys of Ethical Living and Learning

The course is designed to help you adjust and flourish at the university and understand and identify with the purpose of higher education and the traditions of the Holy Cross community.

*Mindfulness: "Paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgementally" (Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, central founder of the field of mindfulness science).