Graduation Honors

What are the qualifications?

Graduate Level
There are no honors conferred at the graduate school level, other than those recognized at Honors Night each year for 4.0 graduates.

Undergraduate Level
Undergraduate degrees conferred by St. Edward's University are granted with certain distinctions: Cum Laude for a grade point average of 3.50, Magna Cum Laude for 3.70 and Summa Cum Laude for 3.90. This is a change from the policy in previous bulletins, and it will apply to students entering Fall 2007. For students enrolled prior to Fall 2007, the policy will take effect Fall 2009. Any student graduating December 2009 or later will be considered for graduation with honors according to the above criteria. A student must complete 60 credit hours in residence at St. Edward's with the appropriate grade point average in order to be eligible for graduation with honors. Credit by examination may not be counted in the 60 hours for graduation honors.

Honors information printed in the university graduation program and announced at the graduation ceremony is based upon the cumulative grade point average at the end of the preceding semester. The requirement for hours is calculated using cumulative and attempted hours at St. Edward's. Honors distinction, as printed on the diploma and transcript, is determined by the final cumulative grade point average and final cumulative hours at St. Edward's.

The year's graduating class is made up of all those who have completed their degrees in August, December and May of the academic year. The highest academic award is valedictorian of the graduating class. Criteria used in selection of the valedictorian include the cumulative grade point average (at the end of the preceding semester for May graduates and at the date of graduation for August and December graduates), exemplification of the mission statement, and the number of credit hours earned at St. Edward's.

Note: Honors for New College students are awarded according to the criteria listed in the New College Bulletin.