Candidate Travel

Meals and Incidental Expenses for Candidate Interviews


If you have a question regarding an expense, please contact Jill Webster in the Academic Affairs Office at 512-448-8741 or


Academic Affairs agrees to pay for meals and incidental expenses for up to three (3) candidates.  Any candidates above and beyond the three will need to be paid for by the school.  If the search fails and a fourth candidate needs to be interviewed, Academic Affairs agrees to pay for meals and incidentals associated with that interview as well. 


Receipts and Business/Travel Expense forms must be submitted to the Academic Affairs Office prior to online approval.  You may submit the direct invoice prior to sending the forms, however, the invoice will not be approved until the receipts are received in our office.

Air Travel Expenses

  • Please be mindful of expense and use the most cost effective fare
  • Academic Affairs will pay $1500 in airfare total for all three candidates (i.e. $500/candidate)
  • Upgrades to the airfare may be reimbursed from the school’s budget

Lost or Excess Baggage

  • Academic Affairs will not reimburse for personal items lost while traveling
  • Academic Affairs will not reimburse for excess baggage fees

Rental Car

  • Academic Affairs will not reimburse for rental cars


  • Candidates coming by automobile will be reimbursed for mileage and tolls at the current IRS mileage rate
  • Mileage reimbursement may not exceed the cost of available alternate transportation, i.e. the reimbursement for mileage cannot exceed the lowest airfare available.  In cases where the candidate elects to drive rather than fly, the lower of the available alternatives will be reimbursed.


  • Academic Affairs will reimburse up to a two-night stay
  • Academic Affairs will reimburse $140/night (excluding taxes) at the Wyndham or the Omni
  • If the Wyndham or Omni cannot be reserved, an alternate hotel may be used, however, the rate must stay within the $140/night. 
  • Any room above and beyond $140/night must be reimbursed from the school’s individual budget

Hotel Contact Information

Wyndham Garden Hotel               3401 South IH-35, Austin 78741               512-448-2444
Omni Hotel – Southpark               4140 Governor’s Row, Austin 78744         512-448-2222                                 


Meals will be reimbursed at the following rates:

Meal Amount Number of Attendings (including applicant)
Dinner (arrival night) $60 per person 2
Breakfast $25 total 2
Lunch $100 total 5
Dinner $60 per person (including tip) 4
Breakfast (departure day) $12.50 total Candidate only


  • Alcohol included in candidate/faculty dinners must be limited to one drink per person or one bottle of wine
  • Alcohol for the candidate only will not be reimbursed
  • Meal categories do not carry over into other meal categories – i.e. if only $50 is spent at lunch, the additional $50 may not be carried over into the dinner budget


  • Academic Affairs will reimburse for the following:
  • Airport parking
  • Baggage fee (one bag only)
  • Shuttle to/from airport (in lieu of airport parking)

Academic Affairs will not reimburse for the following:

  • Kennel fees
  • Pet sitting
  • Childcare